Thursday, July 10, 2014

Installed Electrical Generating Capacity

Snap: The Power (unrelated in all but name but impressive!)

Since Marcus's has a past association with the Power Generation Industry I always keep an eye on the /Big Figures/.  So I was fascinated to check up on the Statistics for Power Generation when I read about this article in India.

India's shrinking power deficit

I started with India to learn about their Power Deficit, i.e. India needs more Electrical Power per year than it generates.  It is a net importer.  But that the gap is apparently /going down/.

India installed Generating Capacity 2014 == 234GW

I thought I would compare this first to the UK

The UK maintains DUKES (Digest of UK Energy Statistics)

also Ofgem  (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets)  where I found

Electricity Capacity Assessment Report 2013

So the UK is holding steady at about 80GW

In our home of Switzerland I tracked down the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE)

The numbers for consumption in 2008 are here and total 2013 consumption here

Finally I found a Global Aggregator site, and whilst it hold figures onto upto 2011 it cross checks the numbers that I have found

International Statistics US Energy Electricity Production

For 2011,  Total Installed Electrical Capacity

America       1052 GW
India          238 GW
UK              93 GW
Switzerland     20 GW

As an exercise to the reader you can do you own calculations as to how much Electrical Energy each National Citizen could use  on average without falling into debt.

2013 Population DataSheet
2011 World Population DataSheet