Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Innovation Intrigue Interesting

TBWA Advertising McDonalds

In sophisticated Europe as many [North] Americans sometimes prefer to describe it, we sometimes elect a diet of Intriguing advertising.

And so it is that certainly in France and Switzerland we have seen hoardings displaying one of these 6 icons:

Actually there are 6 different advertisements each showing a McDonalds product and to the bottom right a small McDonalds logo.

What does it all mean?

  • It's sort of Advertising by Intrigue
  • You have to have a basic idea of McDonalds merchandise to associate the icons with product.

    In other words it makes existing [McDonalds] consumers feel smart
  • It is different, so if you don't /get it/ you'll probably ask somebody >>viral marketing.
  • Clearly if all fast-food companies utilised similar techniques, chaos would result, but McDonalds is first and hence different, and market differentiation in the fast food market is very good.
  • Here in Europe we can be double Smug ... far too sophisticated fayre for the United States of America, we like++

Whatever next, Americans asking what the acronym TBWA stands for ?

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