Saturday, July 05, 2014

Footing Vallee de Joux

Marcus on micro Pedalflow

A short review of the 24Km race/plod of today Satuday July 05.  This was at Le Sentier, Vallee de Joux, Switzerland.

Micro Pedalflow
We arrived very early so we were delighted to be able to test drive this amazing scooter-like, well tiny scooter-esk pedal cycle.

We were very impressed.  

  • Straight cycling will move you forward
  • Try to reverse pedal and the brakes comes on
  • You can freewheel on the left or right pedal at the bottom position.

Race Report
So the big plan was that we'd run this 24Km course in full (and heavy) Ultra marathon Gear ready for future summer events .... And ...

Yes it worked.

We set off slowly, on the flat, because we are running around a lake.  Also we are trying to keep to an Ultra Marathon pace, at least at the beginning.

This was sort of lucky because at Km7 we encountered an enormous flippin hill!

Luckily Marcus had on his trail shoes: Salomon Xlab XT6  which are as comfortable as slippers and Agata had on Asics Gel Trail Sensor.   We saw other runners in regular running shoes having some slipping difficulties on the up and even more on the down.

The enormous hill was a big surprise and is because the lake has a facing cliff with no lake level path. Hmm.

Marcus ran down the hill so quickly he abandoned his prior 100Km Ultra pace and thought he'd try and catch up some people.

It seemed to work.  The plus side of carrying hydration was not having to slow down at the refreshment stops and this meant this was our favourite place to overtake!

I arrived a few minutes before Agata so took up residence as camera man to see her crossing the line at 02.24.  Great considering the hill, the full load of gear, and hot conditions.

Marcus had a fully loaded Ultra Marathon Rucksack (3.5Kg) including 1Kg fluid, Head Torch, anorak, 4 energy bars, 4 carbo powders, 1 energy gel, 2 music players (!), GPS watch, HRM, steps tracker, duct tape, muscle gel, suncream, emergency glucose.

Agata has a fully loaded Ultra Marathon Rucksack including 2Kg fluid (!), anorak, some energy gels and powders

Eating and Drinking
Marcus ate 1 SIS Orange Gel and drank 650ml of lightly carbo loaded water  (High 5 sachets)

Marcus plodded around in 02.06.  Nobody told me about the hill!  Excuse#2: Lots of traffic on the single track from Km 5-10 means you have to keep the speed of the long line of plodders in front of you. 

Agata time: 02:24.   "I would have gone faster but my husband kept chatting to me until I told him to clear off, which he did very nicely."

Marcus has mild Plantar Fascia foot pain and some annoying mosquito bites on his right foot.  Luckily the Salomon Xlab6 are so comfortable I forgot about my troubles during the race completely!

It is late Saturday now and just time for bed .. but not for long.