Thursday, July 03, 2014

dhb Powerguard Compression Tight

This is a review of the dhb Powerguard Compression running tight.

The House Brand
Many companies have a house brand.

When Marcus worked in retail it was a sure thing to notice that the store brands of food in the Tesco Supermarket were the cheapest.

DHB to us is the house brand of the UK Wiggle Sports Retailer that we frequnently use in Switzerland.

And DHB prices are sensible.

Why Compression Tights?
With my sun allergy I keep covered up, however you might anyway choose to run in longs even during summer months

  • Compression clothing (to me) keep that flabby body in place.  It stops it flopping around on a run saving embarrassment and energy!
  • My muscles are held nicely and I feel fitter at run end  (hence recovery to me is faster)

    (I could only find a picture of one my pet bees Buzbee,  but you know what I mean about crawlies)
  • On a trail run you are protected from stinging plants and creepy crawlies or things that bite you
  • Long black trousers always make you look slimmer!

You Paid How much?
2XU Elite Compression Tights are a fantastic product, but the buts are:

  • 70GBP + import duty from Wiggle who are a discounter. Expensive!
  • Those annoying large logos on products.  They shout 2XU,  plus after multiple [40 degree C] washes they decay and become sticky

PowerGuard Compression Tight

I use these on summer runs and I'm quickly beginning to actually favour them over my much more expensive 2XU Elite Tights

  • They do the job, i.e. they have compression
  • 22 GBP + VAT + Import Duty they are one third the price of 2XU

  • Smooth construction

  • Drawstring to keep tights up and it's made from stretchy material. Fantastic innovation.
  • - No inside pocket,  I'd advise a fanny/ elasticated waist bag belt for small items therefore  (review to come)
  • No zips at ankle to break or chaff
  • Lots of sizes on Website

Really recommended.

Wiggle: DHB Powerguard Tight
2XU PWX Elite Tights