Friday, July 11, 2014

Decathlon Orao Arenberg Sunglasses Review

Why Use Sunglasses
During Running or Cycling events or races I find it useful and productive to use Sunglasses.   For multiple reasons, but mostly safety.

  • Safety and Protection: On your bicycle you can easily exceed 40Km/h and imagine the consequences of an insect (like a bee) hitting your eye at say a closing velocity of about 50Km/h.

    If you have an accident then these glasses might be the only thing between you and the tarmac.

    On summer months when swarms of flies collect by our lake in Lausanne, they are sensible wearing.
  • Visibility: I find yellow lenses brighten up the day and increase my visibility

When Not to use Sunglasses
If weather conditions or lighting means that you'll have to keep taking off the glasses to defog them, or end up carrying them during a race, then of course don't use them.  In these cases they will be a burden.

A close Second
For years I have bought

these 24 gram Block, replaceable lens glasses.  They are now almost impossible to order so I looked for something else

Decathlon Orao Arenburg Cycling Sunglasses

Single piece design.  Nothing to fall off whilst running.  During a longer UltraMarathon race you can become disorientated, you want something simple and reliable.

Rubberised ends, nice and short not to obstruct Cycling helmet

They come in at about 24 grams also.

I advise to apply some anti fog liquid prior to a race/ activity.

Summary: Once more Decathlon provides me sports equipment at sensible prices (5GBP last time I checked!!).  And in this case, I can't find a better pair of sunglasses, at any price!   

Decathlon Orao Arenberg Sunglasses