Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day 01: Destination England

On our Way!

For the next week  I'll be detailing our fantastic English holiday that we (Marcus and Agata) have had, primarily in Cornwall England.  We have been planning this for some time and it was principally a test of the practicalities of living in a mobile motorhome.

We have plans later in life to buy and tour in such a vehicle so we want to know, what it might really be like?

Oh yes, and we will also attempt a 100Km Ultra Marathon in a  running race called /Race to the Stones/.

So welcome to DAY 01 (Thursday July 17th 2014)

Delayed Flight
Our Easyjet flight from Geneva to Luton was delayed by over an hour which was just annoying, but considering we were on holiday we just kept smiling.

Arrival at Just Go

The staff at JustGo were very helpful and picked us up from Luton airport.   Next followed a lot of paperwork to read and sign.  This took the best part of an hour.

Ann from Justgo then took us on a tour of the motorhome with explanations and also checking that all aspects of the home worked e.g. fridge, cooker etc.   The walkthru took over 30 minutes but we listened patiently, resisting the temptation to say /yes we know all about this/ since although we have done extensive research we are let's face it newbies at this.

We hired the Scout motorhome which is described here

One important point is that there is no insurance for any damage to the home above the 2metre height level and this vehicle is 3 metres high.  So any collisions would work out very expensive.

M25 Relief
From the heart stoppingly small country roads around Justgo in Luton the large wide roads of the M25 motorway were somewhat of a relief.   There was the usual evening congestion resulting in start stop motoring and this manual transmission vehicle was a little awkward to drive for me because the handbrake is on the right hand side, unusual for a right hand drive vehicle (it is placed there so there is a clear space between the front seats which swivel around 180% when parked)

Arrival at Waitrose
We used a tip from another motorhome owner .. use Google maps to make sure that your destination does not have any height restrictions in the car park.

And so we arrived at a local Waitrose near our destination. WOW!  We had forgotten about the great selection, quality and low prices that set British Supermarkets apart from their Swiss counterparts. 

Wellington Country Park
I had booked this campsite the day before whilst in Switzerland.   Our cunning plan was to book campsites on the day that we needed them by surfing for availability and specification on the Internet.

The idea then for real motorhome ownership would be to do this i.e. stay put in a campsite until you felt like moving on then on the day choose the next destination.  Would this be possible .. we will see.

As such, both Agata and Marcus had 2 British, pay as you go SIM cards with 4G and 3G Internet packages. We also took a Laptop and a tablet to surf more effectively  (connected to the phone's Internet connection via Tethering).

We made use of this UK campsite finder site to search for sites of our specification near our destination postcode and then determine availability and book.  We noted that some sites can be booked online; but for many you need to telephone.

Late Checkin
It seems that the norm is a days campsite rental is usually from about 12 noon on the day of arrival to about (say) 11.00 on the next day.

We would be arriving to Wellington at about 19.00 and so we noted that there is a late arrivals procedure since the office would be shut by then.  In our case we booked the Electric Pitch   (ground including power socket) by Credit Card and with a code we opened the box containing an envelope with key for gate, map of site, our pitch number and other instructions.  Fantastic!

Day01 summary

Overall, today was an exercise free; but not stress free day! Driving a 2.3 metre wide,  7 metre long vehicle with a significant rear wheel overhang on narrow British roads made Marcus's heart race.  Still, we found an excellent Campsite with great facilities and so all is good so far.

Thursday Steps Statistics
[Pathetic: must do better!]

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