Sunday, July 13, 2014

Clean My Pool

I noticed that, the Swiss daily /bargain website/ listed a Robotic pool cleaner as their daily steal.

Well it was 1690 CHF,  which in other people's cash is
1100 GBP or 1900 US Dollars.

On the positive side it is good to see that Switzerland wants its residents to keep even it's Swimming Pools Clean!

But stepping back for just a minute we are implying that

  • Quite a few people in Switzerland own a Swimming Pool!
  • Clearly, Switzerland a country with a well known snowy climate at Christmas, well let's just say the pool is not in use all year around!
  • Qoqa, perhaps Switzerland's only bargain website lists this /opportunity/ at just a smudge under 2K US Dollars.
We can sum all of these Swiss traits up in just two words


Bienvenue en Suisse