Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Billag 2014

As we walked to work this morning Agata and Marcus discussed the topic of how many of our recurring purchases in Switzerland breach the infamous

Dollar Per Day

metric.  I already commented on this here

We surmised that in Europe; most people's yearly wine budget would breach this metric and that Marcus's bill for fresh Oranges, Grapefruit or even Pomegranates would easily steam past 365USD per year.

When I got home however I found another reminder from oh so expensive Switzerland

So to translate this is equivalent to

300 GBP  , British Pounds
516 USD  , American Dollars

If you have any radio including one in your car you need to pay the radio reception tax

If you watch Internet TV, including exclusively non Swiss sources, or even watch solely on your PC, you need to pay the Television charge.

Therefore,  practically speaking any law abiding Swiss family unit needs to pay, except those without any Physical Radio, Physical Television and never watch any TV via PC/Tablet device, which is pretty much zero I would say.

Since we are in the category that

a) Watches NO Swiss TV
b) Listens only to BBC Radio via the Internet

we feel pretty hard done by.