Saturday, July 05, 2014


athletissima: Cycling event

Marcus and Agata had to admit to our fair share of running and Cycling.

Overall there is nothing like participation in a sport to emphasise the sheer talent and hard work that the professionals must have to  endure that makes their performances look so capable and easy (compared with our own efforts and results)

And so,  we are proud to say that we visited

Athletissima 2014, Lausanne

As per any Swiss event there is always a sizable food stand, here on entry

Of course we cycled there and bought two tickets.

Slackline practise for all

We were standing right by the inner fence and just a few metres from 400m track starts

Athletes impressive close up

James post win

Womens 3000metres

Practising Starts

Luckily we went on Thursday, because there was no Friday session as I had thought!   

We got home before the closing fireworks and watched live coverage on local television.  Although the TV gave us a better views we still preferred our live visit.

We look forward to the return in 2015