Monday, July 14, 2014

31Km training run Prangins

Pre run report

Yesterday we got a last opportunity to test our kit and gear on our 31Km Ultra Marathon training run around the Swiss town of Prangins.

Prangins is close to Nyon and has a large Castle / Museum which we just ran by.  

We stopped off at the castle to admire the view.  There is a nice restaurant which we might come back to one day.

 Lots of Motorcycles around here!

I'm not sure of the History but Prangins is littered with the  Swiss equivalent of the Maginot line style concrete anti tank blockades, presumably from the Second World War??

 I am a sucker for any Town that keeps Bees!   

Remote mountain villages are very posh and have a train service to Nyon making them commuter belt friendly to Geneva.

Post Training Report

Prangins Switzerland
Salomon S-LAB Sense 3 SG

Temperature was 23-24 degrees C
Marcus and Agata ran 31Km
Marcus drank 500ml of High Five energy juice, 1 Powerbar and 6 tiny Glucose tablets

Stepcount for the day is looking good.

Marcus still has some intense chest pains from his Cycling Accident,  I don't want to dwell on this, just to say that I am coping.

Meanwhile, those Salomon S-LAB sense shoes have eaten my feet and given Marcus some blisters.  Agata also has a sympathy blister in a similar place.


So overall we are well prepared for our forthcoming 100Km Ultra Marathon.  What could possibly go wrong!