Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Sharing Economy

Important Disclaimer
This article opens up your mind to the idea of sharing your time and possessions to unknown strangers.  As such the information should only be disclosed to nice people.  If you are a twat, or a bully, someone who likes abusing people's trust, or generally being an opportunist or wanker, then I ask you to stop reading now.

Our First Experience
For accommodation in Sweden where we had a Marathon Mini Break holiday in May we tried out /the sharing economy/.

  • We used Red Apple Apartments
  • We paid some months in advance
  • We corresponded with the owner who was very helpful and sent us tips about Stockholm, and also the keys to her flat
  • She would be away on holiday whilst we were using her apartment
  • We arrived and everything worked out brilliantly.

The owner just left her apartment, with a fully stocked fridge, telling us to make ourselves at home and make use of what we needed from the fridge.

Sweden is a country (like Switzerland) where it is commonplace to have Industrial type washing machines in the Basement (and none in your apartment).  So she booked us a evening slot post marathon so we could wash our clothes.  Very thoughtful.

This was the lounge

A spacious and fully equipped kitchen

Nice breakfast / meal time area

A fully stocked fridge which we added to

We looked out onto a church, always a blessing  :-)


We were thrilled by the sharing Economy experience.  The owner put their trust in us not to abuse her flat, which of course was well founded.

We enjoyed having a fully equipped apartment, which felt like a real home, well, because it was.

It has made us think maybe we can rent our apartment out in a similar fashion for the future.

Red Apple Apartments

The Sharing Economy Primer
By coincidence the BBC In Business program (subscribe to the Podcast!) recently covered this topic so you would be best advised to listen to the two episodes detailed below.

In Business: The Sharing Economy 08 May 2014

Thu, 8 May 2014
28 mins
Sharing your neighbour's car, tools and clothes: the sharing economy. But existing regulations and laws are set up for hotels and car hire companies, and that is causing problems.

GlobalBiz: Sharing Economy 2: Rachel Botsman 16 May 2014

Sat, 17 May 2014
27 mins
Rachel Botsman is a guru on the sharing economy. She coined the phrase ‘collaborative consumption’ and is the author of the influential book ‘What’s Mine is Yours’. In Global Business this week, Peter Day talks with Rachel about this movement: how it puts twentieth century consumerism in a whole different light, its economic implications for this century and the stumbling blocks along the way.