Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tempo Bluetooth Thermometer

After all the trauma of getting run over  recently, countless calls to /can't be bothered/ Insurance Companies and still agonising pains ...  Marcus thought he would treat himself to a

Tempo Bluetooth Thermometer

What is it and why did I order it

It is a weather protected temperature sensor that talks to your Smartphone using Bluetooth.

Potentially then I can wake up in the morning and check the temperature on the balcony and then decide what clothes to wear for the morning exercise.

The device can store upto 24 hours of results and therefore so long as you check the unit once per day a results history is built up on your Smartphone app.

In other words the App keeps all the results and can display them in table form, or more significantly export them.   

Exports are in PDF or CSV, and the target file can be sent to Email or DropBox or Clipboard, Bluetooth etc

The unit is small, the included battery lasts 1 year, on the back is an activate button.

 The Android app display has a few options


The unit shows promise.  It's able to show me the temperature where tempo is placed using Bluetooth without issue.  The generation 2 smartphone app now allows for full history recording meaning that I can keep a local temperature record as required.


BlueMaestro Tempo Thermometer