Sunday, June 01, 2014

Sunday Sermon: Farewell to Reverend Marcus Bennett

I came across this innocent article  on the Interweb. Since I am also officially a Reverend   (although my more usual title is of course:  pasta)  and my name is also Marcus Bennett  I vainly thought this article was about me!

Of when I read the above article I thought, yes there are similarities, but clearly in reverse

I was born into Christianity, and as Richard [Dawkins] also remarked I too can now best claim to be at best a Secular Christian.

Note: You can't be born a Christian,  but you can be born sans religion and have your parents thrust you into their religion before you know if it is the right one, or indeed actually the one true religion, but just one of the several thousand other (and presumably sadly fake religions)

I think where I would agree with my namesake in the above article, is that in this life you will face many challenges and change is a natural way to react to these situations.  Life today has fewer absolutes that in the past, and religion is certainly not one of them

When I am offended

Farewell to Marcus Bennett
Richard the Secular Christian