Friday, June 13, 2014

Samsung NX200 Camera Review

Having sold our superb Samsung Galaxy Camera  we are down to our somewhat ancient and faithful

Samsung Galaxy NX200 camera

Since it has performed brilliantly on our recent Stockholm holiday come marathon we thought it deserved a bit of a short review.

First let us point out that the de-facto review is of course still at DPreview  so please check that after reading our summary

To us camera usability is all about size and weight.  We don't ever want to fumble around on an action oriented holiday with a large dedicated camera bag and some lenses.

The camera needs to be

- small and compact
- lightweight
- highest possible quality
- shoots still photographs and movies
- has a flash if required
- ability to mount on a tripod
- would help have reasonably high ISO for night flashless photos
- large DSLR APS-C sensor or better.

Well luckily the Galaxy NX200 camera has it all!

Today you might have to go for the similar NX3000 camera instead as the NX200 has ended its production run .

However here is what we modified

a) We supplied our own carrying strap

b) We bought the ultra small 16 mm prime lens

The camera came with the the 18-55mm zoom lens.   We keep this in a cupboard because although it is a great lens, it is a very big, great lens.

c) We bought several batteries.

Usually we find that 2 batteries is enough for up-to 200 photos and so we normally take 2 batteries and have a third on charge in the docking station shown above

d) We use an eye-fi combined memory card with Wi-Fi

This is how it works.  You plug the card into your laptop and configure you wireless router i.e. password.   Then using the PC application when the camera is within range of the wifi router photos are automatically transferred wirelessly to your computer.

ALSO the photos are geo-tagged wherever possible  (Tagging relies on their being wireless routers detectable near where photos are taken so it is not foolproof).   The GPS tag information is added by the eyefi PC application after the photos are uploaded.

How small is the combo again?

We placed the camera next to Marcus's sports watch, and as you can see the camera+lens combo is very, very small.

Don't forget this is a 20Mega Pixel camera with an APS-C sensor, with full A,P, S, scene and Movie modes.   It can shoot JPG and RAW but I don't have the time to spend buggering around with every RAW photo, so normally I leave it on JPG only mode.

We shot many photos on our mini break to Stockholm. So for sample photos head to this Stockholm Wheels googly picassa album

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