Monday, June 30, 2014

Running Sainte Croix

Subtitle: A [rather] busy weekend round and about Lausanne

Saturday Fun in the Sun and by Lake Leman

We journeyed to Lausanne Bellerive outdoor pool complex to test our SUP (Stand Up Paddle).  No photographs .. because we didn't want to leave a camera on the beach.

We should not have worried.  The place was deserted! On a day when normally over 500 people would be there we counted 5!  I mean 5 i.e. less than 10 people.

All went well.

Beach Volley Ball Lausanne

We sat, watched and cheared the Switzerland vs Turkey game.  What are they chanting .. I heard iPod iPod iPod.  Surely that can't be it!  This was repeated many times but I still could not untangle it.

Swiss Wedding
Back walking around we saw a Swiss Wedding.  More colourfully dressed than usual I can tell you.  The first time I saw a stretch Hummer, well in Lausanne or at a Wedding ...

Sunday Running Saint Croix

Our plan for Sunday was the 2 lakes race.  However the Wet Saturday was delayed and so at 02.00 Sunday things were looking grim as torrential rain poured down.

Our alarm  rang at 05.30 (enough time to get to Le Bouveret) and Marcus poked his feet onto the balcony to confirm ... yes continued heavy rain.

Plan B:  Preverenges Triathlon, 09.05 start ... Some hours later .. Continued Rain. No chance!

Yes, just like refusing to board on substandard snow we prefer to run in a good climate.

Plan C: Saint Croix

Agata hand crafted a route which she uploaded to her Garmin Fenix II  GPS watch.   We would use this and a paper map to make a 20Km Ultramarathon test trail run.

After 14.00 according to WeatherPro satellites the weather would be clear.

Ultramarathon Test Run
An ultramarathon is any distance longer than a marathon  (42.195Km).   We plan to do several this year and we need to prepare.  Hence this mountain run today.


  • Run long
  • Run using the equipment you will be racing with: The same trousers, rucksack, gels, food, shoes.   
  • Find out through experience that you and your equipment are a good and capable team.

So we set off to Sainte Croix all loaded up as if for an Ultra Marathon

En route Marcus realised he had on his Asics Road shoes, but what the hell .

 Okay let's start with a bang

What do we aim to achieve on this run?

Sainte Croix is a little bit run down in parts, though some interesting items are for sale like this Panhard. 

After more than 1 hour of ascent Le Suchet approaches

We approach Le Suchet (audio terrible!)

Of course we are not alone.  Others are up there!

Time for a quick food stop.  We've strayed and extended our original route, but we have plenty of food supplies as our packs are test loaded for an Ultra Marathon distance run.

Descent was not so good as Marcus was accidentally wearing Road not Trail shoes.

Er, there seem to be dark skies ahead, but we are 7 minutes from Sainte Croix according to the GPS

Fantastic timing.  Minutes after finishing the run and driving towards home torrential rate starts!

Oh and I'll post more impressions later but so far here is a review of the Camelbak Ultra LR Vest

Camelbak Ultra LR Vest

Marcus: Ran 25Km, drank 400ml of Water+USN Epic Pro mix.  Ate nothing.
Agata: Ran 25Km, drank 800ml of Water,  Ate one SIS Gel Bar.