Saturday, June 28, 2014

Raidlight Endurance 14 Rucksack review

A brand new Bag

A dedicated Rucksack for specific tasks is not just a luxury to Marcus and Agata it is a positive necessity.

On a running race when I see somebody running with a 'tourist' or general purpose rucksack it makes me positively wince with sorrow.

We use our rucksacks daily, whether it be on holiday with provisions for the day,  whilst travelling to carry our laptops or digital gadgets, or whilst on 100+ Km cycle rides at weekends.

To replace my recently damaged OMM 14  I done much research and come up with the Raidlight Endurance 14 pack instead.

Who Is Raidlight
Raidlight is a famous  (to certainly those in the UltraMarathon community) manufacturer of extremely light sports equipment.

If you browse the Raidlight website you will notice that items all have weights

How perfect!

A general Purpose Sack

Despite it's advertising I don't recommend that you run with this rucksack, unless you need it for a multi day,  several hundred Km event.  At 600 grams it is too heavy ! Somewhat ironic given what I said about the company above.

But the Raidlight 14 is an ideal commute, medium sized rucksack ...

It can accommodate all my triathlon kit above  (assuming I cycle to the event).  For example running clothes, towel, wetsuit, shoes etc.

 On the right a zip pocket large enough for a Nexus 5 phone and credit card wallet.

On top a small zipped pocket, then two separate zips to the main compartment and the place where a bladder might go  (but instead say a jacket/ ipad)

Inside the main compartment a zippable mesh bag and the main compartment is big enough to accomodate a 14 inch laptop and papers.

On the left an elasticated pocket large enough for an iPod Nano.  Also a bottle holder that will just fit a small compact camera.  (For my build a bottle actually hits my left arm so it's useless for that).

2 side pockets left and right.  The compression cords actually prevent you easily inserting and removing items but I suppose they are there for safety.

Other features
Elasticated holders for walking poles
Meshing on the back to hold a jacket

Side compression cords

It's very difficult to find, but well worth tracking down.  The Raidlight Endurance 14 makes for an excellent General Purpose rucksack.  Many features. Price about 100 USD.

Just don't use it for running!

Raidlight Endurance 14