Friday, June 13, 2014

Nomadic Fanatic Funding Request

It is no secret that in the longer term Marcus and Agata might be travelling Internationally.

As such we continue to explore different models of longer term existence, because traditional holiday living is well, pretty expensive.

Today YouTube provides a wealth of information on the Campling/ RV lifestyle and this is a short post to promote Eric Jacob's project.

Eric Jacobs lives in the USA and for the last 4 years has been living in an RV and sharing his experiences for free on YouTube whilst at the same time attending college.

He is now looking for some modest funding to support a Documentary Film project.

Here is how you can help ....

a) Watch Eric's current 20 minute documentary    (free!)

b) Subscribe to his Youtube Channel  (free!)

c) Click on this link

Follow the prompts and make a modest contribution, which is from 5 US Dollars upwards.   Payment is via Paypal etc.

Why Bother to Pay?
Creating high quality video or Blogging content takes time and effort.  This is one way to give something back.  Please consider it.