Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Milk Mutants and Some Sacrifices

Milk Mutants

First to address the above 4 minute video.   

Both Marcus and Agata have not trouble with digesting Milk containing lactose.    Of course having had our DNA analysed  we can confirm that our genetic ancestors come from regions of the world where dairy was prevelent.

Quote: The lactase gene usually switches off once a baby’s weaned off dairy. But people living in certain regions evolved to keep the gene switched on, since dairy was an important part of their diet [4]. Scientists suggest some ethnic groups are more likely to be lactose intolerant, possibly because their ancestors had dairy-deficient diets. (No milkshakes in the ancient world, it turns out.) According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) estimates, 90 percent of Asian Americans and 75 percent of Native Americans and African Americans are lactose intolerant.

So after what seems several lifetimes of moderately unhealthy eating Marcus and Agata are [at last] trying to remove their diet from those deliciously tasty  [to us] foods which we have determined really are not so good for us


-- All ice cream consumption has been terminated
-- No more chocolate!


-- I stopped eating [potato] crisps 
-- I stopped eating all chocolate   (down from a daily consumption of between 100 - 200 grams)
-- All Timamsu and Tartufo consumption terminated
-- No more nuts apart from small exceptions  (1 time in last month, down from  about 200 grams daily)
-- No more ice cream   (well there is none in the house anymore thanks to Agata :-(

Back to milk:

Since we can both digest milk with ease we are both eating and increased quantity breakfast cereals as chocolate and ice cream supplements.

As an experiment Agata is eating cereals using Lactose Free milk and Marcus is trying locally produced (Gruyere) full fat milk. (It tastes like cream after a lifetime of fat-free)

To be Clear

Although this transition began in April 2014, this was not done for Lent or in praise of some imaginary friend / God who had laid down some bizarre food restriction, which arguably could have made sense some 2000 years ago before refrigeration and hygiene was commonplace.

NO, our change in diet is for health reasons, plain and simple.

Some Statistics Then

Marcus's Weight is almost holding steady   (sadly increased on recent Swedish holiday)

  Body fat is going down .. honest!

 Last 30 days cycling

Last 30 days Running/ Walking.

Overall Then

Well for Marcus the Weight and Fat is slowly dropping.  I want to correlate this with the dietary changes to make me feel better.  I miss my chocolate and nuts desperately!

Agata declined to share her statistics with me!

To me it seems that for  dietary changes the key thing is to steadily reduce consumption but then go cold turkey  (100% abstinence) for at least 3 days.

After 3 days, or zero intake, and no temptations in the house it is relatively easy to follow through and continue with zero intake.  You just have to battle those first 72 hours and stay strong!


Lactose intolerence in adults