Saturday, June 14, 2014

Let there bee

The Beatles: Let it Bee

Earlier this year at Easter we found what we thought was a stalwart invasion of bees into the framework of our house here in Lausanne.

As such we had blocked off access to the cavities in our Window frames. 

Just one thing though.

We really like bees

And it is not just their cute shape and industrious nature which we find attractive.   They produce honey!

A few days ago I forgot to add Honey to the morning Porridge.   Aaargh.  It was just revolting without their golden nectar.   Bees make an intensely practical and positive contribution to our lifestyle.

Upon Googling we now find that there are

Solitary Bees

And since the number of bees traversing in and out is just a few, we think we have just blocked up some Solitary Bees homes.

So the gates are now re-opened.  And immediately we have found our little friends are back to stay.

Clean Bandit: Rather Bee