Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Google killed the driveable car

Google Car

With only a moderate amount of Stereotyping I can proclaim that for about 100 hundred years now; boys of all ages have lusted after the

Motor Car

As an aspirational icon it has few equals.  The thought of reaching an age where you could first drive on the roads and soon after enjoy the freedom of the open road  (in your own Car)  runs through European manhood.   And also today Womanhood.

However things are definitely changing.

Car owners, especially those in cities now realise

- The car depreciates rapidly in cost.
- Some cities charge you daily for just driving on the streets  (that you might already paid for building of with other taxes)
- Parking in cities is prohibitively expensive
- Laws abound to prevent you from driving at speeds that you consider safe
- Electronic monitoring of speed and unforgiving penalties for the smallest infractions 
- Yearly Government taxes even if you don't drive anywhere 
- Petrol or any fuel is expensive
- Car Servicing is expensive
- Your car is at risk to theft and/ or damage and should be insured at your cost even if off road and privately parked
- Congestion means end to end journey times in a car take longer than other transport alternatives

There comes a time when driving as a purpose from getting from A to B just becomes a chore and not a pleasure.

Enter in the near future the Google Car

To all the Governments and organisations who have overtaxed and over charged me for the /privilege/ of motoring, yes, you have convinced me.  

Give me an alternative to a private motor car, and I will [gladly] take it.

Google: I am happily waiting.  

May my personal boy racer and parental race driver heritage forgive me.

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