Friday, June 20, 2014

Don't Speculate, Just Wait

I used to be fascinated, but now I am horrified at the developing social media and journalism that now tries to anticipate the technology marketplace.

Many people out there seem to have nothing better todo than wait for the Apple [note other fanboy technological companies are available] Smartphone or gadget, and therefore feed on speculation on what is coming.

To the extent that

a) Mockups of these gadgets are made

Apple iWatch - alpha release version :-)

b) Incessant discussion on forums, social media, about potential features.  Tradeoffs, suppositions
c) Discussions about the mockup features, it's sort of 1 step removed from reality

All before said items are available or even announced.

Can't you all just Bloody Wait till it arrives?

Like many other people using RSS readers to daily technology website updates, I'm having to spend more and more time /deleting the hell/ out of posts about possible future phones, laptops and all manner of technology items

I'm just not interested until 

The product is announced
The product has full specifications
The product is available to buy in my location physically or via legitimate mail order to my location
[And in the case of Switzerland this is often rather low down on any manufacturers list we can tell you!]

Now even the Chromebook Community is at it!

Chromebook Fusion
Sacre Bleu!

Rudimental: Waiting All Night