Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Computex vs WWDC

Whilst this [noodly] year of 2014 we are again merely watching from a distance the Computex verses Apple WWDC standoff, Marcus and Agata would comment that in near future years ... we aim to be right there!

Back to 2014

Apple WWDC ran June 02 - 06 2014

Computex Taiwan ran June 03 - 07 2014

It may be obvious to say but of course the Apple event caters for Apple, Apple, and Apple.

whereas the Computex event caters for the whole industry, including of course Apple.

Apple only is WWDC's greatest strength, but also its' weakness.  Since I don't own an Apple TV I instead downloaded a 6GB (!!) video podcast file of 02:10:52 to watch during my afternoon flight.   I will try to stay awake :-)

Qualifications for WWDC
- Apple Developer or pretend to be one, or Journalist  (means low to zero technical skills, but press invite, microphone and happy face)
- Be able to say Woop really loudly
- Be able to scream enthusiastically
- Have lots of money

Computex qualifications
- Know where Taiwan is

Interesting at WWDC

To developers: With +4000 new APIs, I really hope you like coding, oh and re-coding!

Swift Programming Language
iTunes Download

Example Healthkit program

WWDC in 120 awesome seconds :-)

Interesting at Computex
So many interesting announcements.    In my Feedly RSS feeds some items that caught my attention:

Corsair Hxi Power Supplies

EVGA X99 tease

Asrock X99

More Asrock X99

NB: Note to self.  Intel X79 is going to be so not the chipset to have in about 6 months time.

Sandisk 4TB SSD

Sandisk 4TB again

256GB  42mm M.2 NGFF Sata Disk

GigaByte Windforce
The future?
So, given that Marcus and Agata have finite funds  (contrary to popular opinion) I am going to suggest to Agata [Apple fangirl minor] that we first give WWDC a go one year and then follow that with a Computex year.   I am pretty sure the Computex year will be more interesting.

Swift Programming Language
Doctors Healthkit take1
iOS8 Healthkit Developer Page