Thursday, June 26, 2014

6TB lands, but expensively

As a passionate Compute Storage Guy   (well somebody has to be),   I've been monitoring >5TB Hard Disks for absolutely ages.

They have arrived, buT, bUT and BUT.

Stepping back:

Mach 2014:  I was salivating as drives were already announced, just not quite shipping

May 2014:  Well it was my Birthday (excuse #1) , but mostly I was fed-up of waiting and voted for 4TB drives

June/July 2014:  They arrived.  BUT BUT BUT

How flippin expensive?

Swiss 4TB
Hitachi 7K4000 == 190 CHF

Swiss 6TB
Seagate  ST6000NM0024 == 490 CHF

Hitachi Deskstar H3IKNAS40003272SE = 122 GBP

Seagate  ST6000NM0024 == 411 GBP

So, in summary.  To all of you who have waited for cost effective  6TB drives, think again.   4TB should be your choice for the immediate future.

Marcus in Smug Mode

And, given the stability of that disk drive manufacturing shrine  (Thailand), I would stock up sooner rather than later.