Thursday, June 19, 2014

1 dollar per day or perhaps 1000 dollars per day

McCartney:Another Day

I had to search back for over 2 years in the More or Less Podcast Archive  to recall the episode that discusses the 

Dollar per Day statistic

Although the actual statistic is somewhat flawed  (listen to the Podcast) I had to compare it with last Friday's Swiss statistic on which Marcus and Agata faced another

1000 CHF  plus day

1000CHF is by the way about 1110 US dollars or about 660 GBP.

Let me break it down:

Audi Car Service  (+780 CHF)

Weekly Food Shopping (+380 CHF)

Wiggle Sports Order (+200 CHF)

Sold Speakers  (-40 CHF)

Sold Hair Styler (-10 CHF)

Already we are over 1000 CHF and we of course did not include Apartment rental costs, Insurance Costs, Clothing, Car Insurance, Petrol or other ongoing big ticket items.

As you can see we sold some assets but the 50CHF gained for the 3 hours spent advertising, packing, posting can best be described as a loss leader just barely touching the gigantic costs of comfortable living in Deepest, Darkest, Expensive Switzerland.

I invite the BBC More or Less team to come to Switzerland to validate our findings.