Monday, June 09, 2014

05 Leaving Stockholm

So at last we are back home in Switzerland.  We had just over 4 days in Stockholm Sweden on our marathon mini break weekend.

There was the usual scramble to turn off the security and alarm systems and then we could take a bit of a rest.

Leaving was difficult
After leaving our fantastic apartment in Stockholm for the last time we had to find a place for the recycling!

Our morning plan to visit the armoury at the Royal Palace was cancelled because on arrival there it was packed with /other/ tourists.  Really!

In such a circumstance we headed to Church ...

 We visited Clara church

We had a nice time admiring the sights.

The church was actually very noisy inside, a combination of the faithful and also a large number of homeless people seeking attention and assistance.

Finally we boarded the non stop bus to Arlanda Airport. Stockholm we miss you!

Quick Notes on Sweden

  • We did not show our passports once leaving or entering Switzerland or Sweden.   Not at all sure why!
  • Fast trains or coaches link Arlanda airport to Stockholm centre
  • Swedish people speak excellent English, much more comprehensively than in Switzerland
  • The Stockholm marathon course is quite hilly.  There are over 15000 runners.  That is a huge number
  • Sweden is as expensive as Switzerland, and Switzerland is most expensive.  We can only think of Norway as a more expensive country in Europe.
  • There are lots of normal European shops. We did not detect any suspicious business/ retail  cartels, so for example the Food sector is competitive.
  • Stockholm has a City bike scheme and comprehensive  cycle paths throughout
  • The weather we experienced at end May/June was about 20 degrees C and mostly dry 
  • Alcohol to take home is only available from Government shops with limited opening hours

Trip Efficiency Rating

+++ Apartment was fantastic
+     Marathon results OK
++   No injuries
+     Did not buy any clothes or stuff!
+     Stockholm is very walk-able city
+     Old Samsung Camera worked a treat
+     We used the Swiss Cantonal holiday to make best use of our time

-     Marcus took too many clothes
-     Did not use the City bicycles
-     No time for swimming
-     We forgot to start the dishwasher
---   4 days was too short.  1 week would have been much better.

We had a wonderful and safe time in Stockholm and would recommend it to you.

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