Sunday, June 08, 2014

04 Stockholm Museums

We are on the last full day of our Stockholm mini break. Today we relive the events of Monday June 02, 2014.

We had planned for this to be a day of museum visits though things did not go 100% according to plan ....

But which Milk?
For the second time in a row Marcus bought the wrong milk!   Latt a-fil turns out to be some disgusting [marcus opinion] , sour horrible milk/ yoghurt contraption. Agata loves it and now has 2 litres to drink.

An unscheduled trip to the supermarket was necessary and finally after a hearty breakfast we left our wonderful rented apartment. Early again!

The high speed Arlanda express train reduced price deal is not valid for our weekday journey to the airport so we investigated buses from the Central station.  Every 10 minutes and 120 SEK each.   Good for tomorrow.

City Hall attempt 1

We made a long walk to City Hall to try and go up the 300 step tower.

However all we managed was some great lake views

The thin passage can only accommodate 30 people and the next tour was sold out.  So we resolved to come back last thing in the evening.

Exploring the Vasa

Next stop was the Vasa museum.  The Vasa  is a now famous Swedish ship that sunk on her maiden voyage whilst leaving the harbour in 1628.  It laid on the bottom of Stockholm harbour until its salvage in 1961.

 Marcus is very pleased that his princess Agata likes walking.  We plan over 20Km today!

 No time to stop at other museums!

 In a nutshell this is the story

Intricate carpentry all preserved because she sank into mud on her maiden voyage.

Just a few of the many photographs we took.   We also attended the long explanatory films in English  (shown in multiple languages).

BTW: Everybody in Sweden seems to speak perfect English. It is a great country to visit for an Anglophile.


The next destination is the Skansen an open air Zoo

 What are you looking at?

Marcus's disappointment was that the Squirrel park was comprised of plastic squirrels!

Agata's greatest disappointment was that the Otter was on vacation and missing.

Save for the 2 small detractions we had a wonderful time walking around and visiting all the animals.

Museum of Modern Art

Moderna Museet  is the museum of Modern Art.

It was quite a hot day but we plodded on, missing lunch and eventually made it to the museum

It was at this point we noticed the lack of activity around the Museum  because it was closed.  Doh!

 Agata told me to make my own Art

Something about comparing my nose to this outside exhibit?

City Hall take 2
Another long stroll back to City Hall and we found we could make the penultimate tour of the day .   We had to wait, and this time we were a little bit exhausted so

we were happy to just have a lie down outside until the appointed time.

Lots of steps and eventually some great views from the top tower in City Hall.

We had already Googled some potential massage houses.   Sweden is after all famous for it's massaging.

But as luck would have it

Just as we were walking towards our chosen venue we spotted another Massage place.   About 40 minutes of foot and leg massage later Marcus and Agata emerged rejuvenated.

There was just time for a fancy meal out to commiserate our last night in Stockholm.  Tomorrow we will be leaving :-(

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