Wednesday, June 04, 2014

00 Journey to Sweden

Today we jump right back in time to Thursday May 29th as Marcus and Agata head out to Sweden.

Over the next few days we'll be broadcasting our experiences of our /very/ short trip to Stockholm where we have been exploring.

This is our first journey out of Switzerland it seems for ages, and our purpose?  Well really a mini vacation break and of course we are going to fit in the Stockholm Marathon as a small additional challenge.

The Warm Up

Agata rightly bemoans the fact that she has little free time and so on this Thursday which is a National holiday in Switzerland we are doing good deeds outside our apartment.  Some people have trampled over the garden as a shortcut to the path.   Here Agata is seen trying to make good the damage.

Getting There

We need to fly from Geneva airport and usually we would try to walk the few Kilometres to Lausanne railway station.   Unfortunately Agata has a painful Achilles and Marcus has an intensely painful pain under his left arch.

We need to save our legs for the marathon  (Marcus can barely walk right now ... oops) so we decide to take the Bus to the station instead.

Arrival at the Swiss Business Travel lounge in Geneva.   We found this /other/ business lounge last time, when our then favourite was closed for renovation.   THIS lounge has a variety of delicious snacks and pastries as well as wine.   Ideal to get us in the mood for our mini vacation.

Several hours later .....

We have booked a hotel that is potentially walkable from Stockholm airport.  Actually the official guide recommends against walking, but surely what do they know!

There are absolutely no signs to follow, then we have an idea.  We gain free Internet access inside the Arrivals terminal.  Download a Google map of the area on our Smartphones  (i.e. save to disk).   

Find  Jumbo Stay  on the map, now walk outside in the night sky and navigate.   The GPS on the phone is active without Internet so ...

About 20 minutes later we think we find our hotel ..

Yes, of course it is a converted Jumbo aeroplane, reworked into a hotel.  I would say /cheap/ hotel but then as we were to find out, nothing in Sweden is cheap!

From the entrance door you can see this is a real plane.

The rooms and facilities are not going to win any prizes for luxury but it is certainly a great novelty.

Just time for a long hot shower, set all our electronics recharging, and time for bed.

Jumbo Stay Stockholm