Wednesday, May 07, 2014

When Form almost follows Function

Subtitle: Sandisk Cruzer Extreme USB 3.0 drive

Well it will not win any prizes for beauty but overall I am delightfully happy with my new fast 64GB USB key.

I spoke about not being able to find any suitable key only this February, so imagine my surprise when I came across this product.

I chose the 64GB version.  Surprisingly I could not find this in Switzerland so I had to have it shipped to another country and reposted.  What a palava!

I did also consider the 128GB Sandisk Extreme Pro but the keyring hole does not look convincing.

It is a USB 3 drive as can be seen from the colour of the connector

 It has an all important integrated keyring holder.  Fantastic #1

It has a retractable end which using a slide, so there is no key to lose. Fantastic #2

Now as I have said the key is not beautiful but it is far from ugly.   So it has

  • A 64GB capacity
  • Fast performance as we will see below (read/ write speed easily exceeds 100MB/sec)
  • Retractable end without cap
  • Attachable to keyring
  • Not ugly, actually pretty good looking
  • Reasonably priced  (say 50GBP)
  • You need the Extreme version, the regular key is slower

Performance Evaluation

Overall then the Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 Flash Drive is proving to be a very good purchase.

In keeping with my pledge to never keep too much crap: We will keep this USB key, another for backup, one for Agata and we endeavour to gift away all our old USB keys.  Anybody?



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