Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Tuesday Sermon: Waste Not

I noticed a banana in the kitchen and found out that it was handed to Agata in a recent running race.

But I can't possibly throw it away, that would be a waste she said.

And I had to absolutely agree with her.  Although I'm not a great fan of raw bananas I resolve to combine it with the Breakfast porridge forthwith.

I pondered about our shared frugality and counterpointed it to the view of some friends children we have recently visited. Those kids were adamant that they would only eat the foods they wanted.  In fact any attempt to provide advice on guidance to those children (who are not infants) on eating habits can lead to a complete tantrum and tirade.  I recall one time that they protested a /human rights violation/ might be in progress when being asked to eat food that was the wrong colour

Agata and Marcus are not of that generation.

And how did our attitudes come to pass?

Agata: In my formative years Poland was exiting from the Communist system.  We [the whole country] simply did not have a lot of any goods, be it food, consumer items, you name it.  We did not waste.

Marcus: My parents lived for decades Internationally and  in countries where extreme poverty and hardship [to others] was a witnessed daily if not hourly occurrence. When you are faced with stories of people who have almost nothing you are encouraged to realise that the food you could throw away on a whim could make the difference between life and death to the needy.  As children when we were asked to eat, we ate.

What did I learn?
I learnt or rather reflected that our formative experiences have left us pre-programmed not to waste.  It doesn't matter if we could buy one thousand bananas today and afford not to eat but discard them, we would not.

I also reflected that others parental programming, perhaps to hate a particular race, or to believe in a fundamentalist religion espousing hatred might be a seed to have had planted with less favourable consequences.

I also propose that in Marcus's opinion it's wonderful to have a like minded partner.  So often we hear that a marriage of opposites provides for powerful attraction.  Well we would say no, a marriage of equals and similar viewpoints we find so much more attractive.