Thursday, May 22, 2014

The 4TB Limit

Subtitle: The 4TB limit of Marcus's patience!

For the last 12 months I've been migrating all my disk storage from the reliable and trusted Hitachi  (HGST)   7K3000 3TB drives to 4TB media.

It literally has taken 12 months. 

I'd also promised myself to only buy 5TB or 6TB disks in the future.   But I had to break this promise.  Why?

  • In Switzerland I cannot find any retailer selling a disk greater than 4TB
  • Recall that 4TB disks have been available for about 18 months now.
  • I've written several times about larger disks.  Example
  • In the UK,  6TB disks are available.  But still only on pre-order
  • I have already waited more than 6 months, now my patience is exhausted.
So having sold all my spare portable and 3TB media, and with the recent Apple disk failure, I see no option except to buy one more 4TB disk.

In the interm I still recommend this HGST  (Hitachi Global Storage Technology) 4TB HDS724040 drive highly

 Great Performance

Insertion into the trusty Synology DS411+II ...

4TB disk works just fine either on its own or in combination.