Friday, May 30, 2014

Sound Responsibility

I was talking to my neighbour recently and found that she had bought one of the spare rooms in our basement area and uses it as a piano room.

Otherwise, of course,  the noise from our children learning the Piano would disturb our neighbours.

It is so wonderful to live in a country (Switzerland) and in an Apartment block where such care and consideration is made.

Likewise I can say that we too have a gadget that helps reduce noise pollution

[Note: We already don't have any Hi-Fi system, because we don't want to burden our neighbours]

Bluetooth Sound Transmitter

What does it do?

The Black square box takes any audio output and retransmits it as a Bluetooth Audio Source.

SO, then you take your bluetooth headphones, or other Bluetooth receiver and listen to the audio.

In the above, I tested with an Apple iPod  (Bluetooth off and output via the lead shown).    Audio enters the Bluetooth transmitter and I listen to it on my Logitech H800 headphones.

Did it work?

Sort of!

So far it's a  little hit and miss to get the headphones to latch onto the Bluetooth transmitter.

But once connected, it works fine.

What about the Batteries?

The unit contains a rechargeable battery.  You charge it via a USB to mini cable.  This battery powers the Bluetooth transmitter.

Any Drawbacks

We tested it on a variety of audio devices.  At high outputs  the transmitted audio became severely distorted.  This is a potential issue since some devices  (e.g. TV's) might have a fixed level audio out.


Product is average.  No better. If I have the time I will purchase a differently design one from eBay to make a comparative test.


Bluetooth Transmitter