Friday, May 16, 2014

She Cycles

It seems like yesterday when I published an article about cycling to work

The article may have may Marcus seem like a Grumpy grump. 

Actually I was trying to point out that in that progressive Employers should provide Employees with the facilities to make this [cycling or running to work] possible, and Employees should corresponding ask for these facilities and favour Employers who do.

And so,  I'll talk about the facilities that my darling wife Agata now enjoys at her workplace in Lausanne Switzerland.

[Note: Agata's office is about 6Km away, a little short, so in the morning if we choose to Cycle and not run we take a little detour]

The following facilities are separate from the main entrance allowing cyclists to arrive, shower and change discretely, then walk into the main entrance in Business clothes, confident in the knowledge that their bicycle is secure, their clothes may be washed, drying and airing,  and that their daily morning exercise is completed.....

Agata has her own lockable locker where she can place her work or cycling clothes.

As per Marcus' example; the normal plan is that once per week, hopefully whilst we would be driving past anyway [say food shopping] we will deposit the forthcoming weeks business clothes.

But wait, there is a lot more.

 A large fridge and kettle are provided.

 A spacious shower room with toilet. Lockable for privacy.

A place to store your bicycles and perform essential maintenance.

A washing machine and drier and a ventilated (yet secure) place to let your clothes dry

So congratulations to Agata's employer who gets it.   Discrete, comprehensive and free facilities to enable Employees to cycle to work.