Saturday, May 17, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 end of term report

It is time to say a fond farewell and goodbye to our brilliant, reliable

Although we have a fancy APS-C miniature camera, the Galaxy has proved so good that it has been our sole camera for our last 2 years of adventure holidays and races.

On over 40 different trips it has proved itself again and again

Starting with Photography there is a 16 Mega Pixel camera with an astonishing x21 times optical zoom.

Because it is shaped like a camera it is easy to use.

It takes pretty standard Samsung batteries so we used to carry 4 charged batteries which would be enough for at least 1000 photographs.

Our Use Cases

a) Wifi Hotspot
b) Full Android Functionality, very useful for Google Maps, Runkeeper, Withings Sports Applications
c) Uploading photographs on the move via the Data SIM
(We use PAYG sim)
d) FULL android functionality is extremely useful e.g. gmail, google+, maps
e) 3CX VOIP phone allows OUTGOING phone calls
f) Full SMS send and receive messages

Camera Facilities

1. x21 zoom - exceptional
2. From F2.8 aperture
3. Full modes: Program, Apeture, Shutter Speed, Manual etc  
4. Takes movies with sound
5. Automatic Camera mode
6. Scene Camera modes e.g. panorama, snow, macro, best photo3, rich tone etc.

Bonus Internet

The SIM provides 3G internet and the SIM speeds and the Wifi Speeds are pretty respectable.  Not 4G respectable, but hey, pretty good.

The Android is not the most current, a 4.4 update would be preferable.

SIM slot for your /phone SIM/
Micro SD slot to store photographs (tested with 64GB card)

Fantasy Replacements
We are currently struggling along with our old Samsung NX200 but if we had unlimited funds some of the beautiful replacements are

Dr. Andreas Kaufmann: About the Essence from Leica Camera on Vimeo.

Leica T
Samsung K Zoom

Sony RX1R
Samsung EK-GC200