Friday, May 23, 2014

Planet X CNC Brake Review

In my quest to rebuild to perfection, or as close as possible my crashed bicycle,  I now turn my attention to the 15 year old Campagnolo brakes.

I browsed eBay and found

Not only incredibly light but relatively cheap brakes.

On my race bike the TRP brakes weigh about 125 grams each but also cost  600 USD  (400 GBP).   

But these cheap(o) parts are available from the Chinese manufacturer and I even found them from the UK supplier

Planet X: Ultra Light CNC

After 3 hours of /buggering about/ this afternoon I have finally given up with these brakes.  And here is why:

  • They ARE astonishingly light, however
  • Also quite flimsy
  • The coiled spring that opens up the brakes and the plastic guides the spring slides into particularly so.  In fact whilst mounting; the plastic bit just fell off.
  • Next the mounting sleeve  (hex bolt) was so flimsy that after mounting  it sort of fell apart... the hexagonal hole disintegrated.

 Here it is mounted, albeit briefly

There is an adjustment to alter the tension between sides, but again it is so flimsy that it did not work, leaving the brake rubbing on one side.

At this point I gave up, my 15 year old, solid, reliable, Campagnolo Record brakes need to go back ...

BUT, with the mounting sleeve /stripped/ it took me more than 2 hours to remove this brake!  Unbelievable

What did I learn?

Sometimes even Marcus chooses slightly heavy quality part over fragility, especially when the latter does not work.  If I want ultra light brakes that work I would have to go to TRP R979SL, and I now realise why their Titanium/ Magnesium brakes are about 7 times the price of the above.