Thursday, May 15, 2014

OSX Crashes and Burns

Agata was discussing with me that our apartment here in Lausanne is fast become a /Bermuda Triangle/ of technology.

Just a week or so ago Marcus  had a Data Leak whilst doing a Data Migration

Then shortly afterwards my Google Drive synchronisation program decided to remove Agata's entire Google Drive, because she shared it to me read/write, but yet it was not seen on my local Google Drive hard disk. The deletion then then replicated to her computer and deleted all her Data Files

This week we have had 2  Apple Mac Mini Failures:

Agata's Mac Mini has a randomised  (different place each time) set of read errors, usually in the area of her Google Drive.  Ironically this started after we recovered all the deleted data from a backup onto this the original [from Apple] spinning disk.

Marcus's Mac mini dumps i.e. completely crashes OSX every time the refresh Podcast button in iTunes is pressed  (when that button press causes at least 1 download).

Debugging the OSX problem has been difficult, the only positive thing to say is that now I'm quite familiar with running Apple diagnostics  (hold down D key on boot)

My current thought is that it is DropBox that is somehow crashing OSX ....

iTunes is running

the Refresh button in Podcasts is pressed

iTunes starts downloading a podcast into /cloud/Dropbox/Itunes Media

Concurrenlty  Dropbox tries to synchronise OSX crashes

Yes, it happens 100% of the time!

So it seems to be the culprit is between iTunes and/ or Dropbox.

This of course breaks the rule that no Application  (i.e. running in User Space) should be able to bring down the whole Operating System.  In this case Apple OSX.


Marcus's issue: Well temporarily I am moving my iTunes installation to a Windows computer, my very reliable Lenovo U430 touch which I reviewed just yesterday.

Agata's issue:  Looks like we will have to open up the Mac Mini, take out that faulty Apple spinning hard disk, and pop in a new SSD.   But I can recall what happened last time we opened up the Mini