Monday, May 26, 2014

Orico 4TB capable USB3 Hard Disk Dock

Considering 4TB hard disks have been out in consumer hands for over 18 months now the number of Disk drive docking stations that are capable of correctly formatting them is still shockingly low.

After a lot of internet research, discarding all the docks that sort of forget to mention the largest disk they can handle, or the dual slot docks that can accomodate 2 x 2TB disks, I found the 

Orico 6619US3-BK Dock

Why is this dock so great?

  • The dock comes with a power adapter, special USB3 cable and the dock itself
  • No drivers are needed for connection to Windows 8
  • It does support 4TB hard disk drives

  • Performance via USB3 is just fantastic.  The limiting factor is the drive itself if you use a spinning drive.
  • The dock was only about 30GBP  (50 USD or 50CHF) including postage.  A bargain.  Recommended.