Friday, May 02, 2014

More Relative Values

Squeeze: Cool for Cats

You know, at all times both Agata and Marcus try to be frugal. Frugal means making the best use of resources and not being overtly extravagant.

The importance of function over mere form deserves a mention too, but then as Engineers we have been subject to a lifetime of training.

Note: One can still be frugal and yet generous to one's friends and family.

But there are days when I do have some setbacks whilst living in Switzerland, which whilst beautiful is beautifully expensive.

This morning

The bill for coffee arrived.

The somewhat ironically /breathtaking/ charge for the hour at the specialist doctor for Lung Inspection.

This is Marcus's planned replacement to try and restore my duffed up

once strong Condor bicycle, which is suitably marked with the /Injun arrows/ after a visit from the loss adjusters.

In Summary
The cost of /practical physical stuff/ these days continues to fall. 

Conversely, the bonkers cost of Swiss Coffee and a Doctors Check-up is still up there in the clouds.

This makes the relative cost of a new Bicycle frame (from England incidentally) below trivial.

Cool for Cats Lyrics  (onscreen)
What number are you?
What price fine living?