Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lenovo U430 touch upgrade

I did earlier review the Lenovo U430 laptop pointing out it's excellent upgradability.   I did not know  I would have to do it so soon:

Cost Minimisation
These days Marcus and Agata are operating on an increasingly tight budget.  So we are keen to use and re-use our technology.

The continued failure of the Mac Mini has prompted an intense disk shuffle (to save money)

Today it is time to remove the OCZ-Vertex3  (to be used in the Mac Mini) and insert the Crucial M500 SSD.  That came from the Big server, which was upgraded to Crucial M550 SSD

First I used the EZ GIG software that works with the USB cloning cable that was previously supplied with Crucial SSD.
(They now use Acronis and this kit here)

You can remove the necessary screws from the laptop back with a simple Philips screwdriver in about 90 seconds.

 Existing configuration with Vertex SSD

Replacing with Crucial M500 SSD

Now put back the screws. And a few tests ...

Windows loads in just seconds and then via HD Tune:

Decent performance figures to me.

Now all I have to do is put that SSD into the Mac Mini. Oh no, that is not going to be easy :-(