Monday, May 05, 2014

Last week in steps and Lake Fun

Being sick is never fun but since Marcus's cycling accident on April 10th running has only been attempted as a matter of emergency.   

And by that I mean running races where I felt I had to join if not compete :-(

As you can see the weekly 200Km of mostly running was brutally cut short after the accident and I am now struggling to maintain under 50Km weekly, all of which is in agony.

I did try swimming, but it seems that this is a really bad idea with damaged ribs.  The action of moving your arms in front crawl is really good for aggravating ribs.

So I am currently walking.

This week I've managed days with close to 30Km of walking and if we compare to last week

Well, you can see that the walking is up dramatically if nothing else.

I think injury due to accident, especially when it is somebody else's fault is slightly better than to training, since in the latter it is your own fault.

I already commented on the Philosophy of my pain last Sunday.

This Sunday, Agata encouraged me to go for a /plod/ down to our Lake.

As you can see the Lake view I would describe as /not bad/ :-)

We managed to make it down to Cully where it was the start of "Vevey Lavaux-UP"

Sunday, May 4 from 10 00 to 16 00 h.
On this day, Lake Road is dedicated to soft mobility between Vevey and Cully entry-Bourg-en-Lavaux.
On foot, on skates, bicycle, ..., enjoy a ride with friends or family in a magnificent setting between the shores of Lake Geneva and the vineyards of Lavaux on a road closed to all traffic; a single 18-km round trip for lovers of no engine!

The lake road is closed to all motor vehicles leaving it free for cyclists, runners and walkers.

Click for the wide angle view

Skaters with dogs welcome too

Trains are still operating, which is good. We need one to get home.

 We notice an Electric charge point is installed

A large crould at Lavaux Vinorama

Thanks to Agata for putting up with my slow and moderate plodding down to the Lake.

I am still trying to recover, but it is painful.

I think this coming week will have some focus on bicycle reconstruction.