Saturday, May 24, 2014

Journee Lausannoise du Velo 2014

Not many people will believe this but

Agata had a golf lesson this afternoon Saturday 24th May and so we only had time to attempt the

100Km Journee Lausannoise du Velo 2014

The Weather
The forecast was for heavy rain on Thursday, Friday and Sunday.  With a sort of miraculous dry day from Saturday morning.  Marcus and Agata were sceptical.

At 03.00 Saturday morning it was still raining!

But sure enough by 07.00 Saturday it was not raining and drying out.   The weather was a /chilly/ 9 degrees, and predicted 15+ degrees by noon.

We Arrived at the Start
In order to finish in time for Golf we were forced to start the race as early as possible.

Journee Lausannoise is unique in that the start time is flexible.

We started the race at about 08.00 meaning a wake up time of 06.00 .  On a Saturday!  

We picked up our race numbers

Marcus comment: I'm worried that with my low number they are expecting me to race!  I am going to take it easy.

We studied the route just a little

We Started
The roads were initially damp and it was a mite chilly! Below 10 degrees for sure, and on downhill 40Km/h+ segments that means cold.

Stop1: Lucens
 The food is this way!

 Gruyere Cheese, Cake, Bread, Chocolate, Oranges.  Absolutely delicious!

Marcus and Agata.  Eating and Smiling.  We remember in previous years arriving here soaking wet and cold.  Today it is dry and sunny.   We are in great spirits.

Stop2: Boillon

More food and drink means a healthy crowd.

 This year they installed a portable toilet.  At last!

 We are not the only 2 wheel gang on the road today.

A last look at that great food spread!

Stop3: Villars-Mendraz
Our last stop.  This stop is shared between all road race distances.  Hence the most people are here.  A real swarm.

Marcus can't resist that Gruyere cheese.  Bring me more please  he keeps telling Agata!

A Gentle Finish
The finish comes via the forest trails in Chalet a Gobet.  Unpaved roads in part, not the best for road bikes, but we took it /really casually/.

We finished the 100Km race course in about 04.15.  Nice and easy!

Eating And Drinking
Marcus ate:  A whole lot of Gruy√®re cheese!   2 Energy Gels,  1 litre of water/ Overstims Hydrixir  mix.

Our Bicycles
Here are Marcus and Agata's bicycles.

It is the first 100Km+ plus race test of Marcus's Dedacciai DR-15 frame rebuild bicycle after his recent accident.  Verdict? Bicycle good.  But gears need some adjustment.  Still can't select first gear!

The Swag

Considering this event cost almost nothing /by Swiss standards/,   the fantastic refreshments provided on the course; well it is even more incredible that we had the choice of some presents.     We took each a cap and some monikered Arm warmers.   Very impressive.

More Stats

And so,  the second cycling event in 2 weeks.   Great weather. Good times.  Thanks are due to Lausanne Canton for organising this event.  We really appreciate it.

Journee Lausannoise du Velo
Detailed Route