Friday, May 16, 2014

iPod but for how much longer

This week marks the first few days of my transition back to iTunes under a Windows platform.

The onset was the disastrous OSX crash behaviour every time a new Podcast was downloaded via iTunes on my Apple Mac Mini Server.

This brought down a computer that performs 24x7 function so there was no choice but relocate iTunes.  Back on a Microsoft Windows platform I realise

  • iTunes runs like a dog
  • It's so much slicker under OSX
  • Is is almost as if they gave the programming project to the newbie intern programmer, desperately hoping he'd produce a product that would have droves of frustrated Windows users in the arms of OSX, well maybe

I looked at this in context and came up with a much more worrying but plausible scenario

The death of the Apple iPod

The Doomsday Scenario

  • Apple exits the iPod marketplace, for surely there is better utilisation of resources (aka profits verses expenditure) in the Smartphone marketplace
  • Apple says something like /to better support the Customer, with the features we expect from the modern discerning audiophile we are instead focusing our endeavours on <not iPod ....> <or iPod touch which is more iPhone than pod>
  • The other angle is death by Neglect, just stop releasing new Music players, like no Nano update for 2 years, iPod classic update for ?

The Counter Measures

  • Buy a backup iPod now: Apple surely wont unsupport devices, so buy
  • Really think about switching to an Apple Smartphone, which will of course run that iTunes quite seamlessly
  • Investigate other music players: Do I have any alternative from Pono?
  • What other software could I use to control say my Android smartphone and existing iPod .. hint Doubletwist

Whatever the future as an individual I'd like to plan ahead, I want to jump and not be pushed.