Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy Birthday again Marcus

Keane: ~Changing

I  commented in 2013 about the multiple stages of Birthday readiness.

I am glad to say that things that today, May 20 in 2014, my Birthday are definitely proceeding precisely according to the master plan.

A day when I ....

I managed a Cycle
I managed a Run
I managed a Walk

And recorded lots of others statistics of course

Weight is finally dropping

Heart rate stays low

20Km of  shakedown runs on the new bicycle today.  Nothing dropped off!

The new Speedplay Titanium pedals and cleats specifically take an age to install,  but you only need do it once!

I Searched for a New Job
Due diligence even on my Birthday of course.

Marcus cleaned
I spent some hours cleaning.  I even cleaned the car and mopped clean our garage spaces!

Many Presents were unpacked

I know one thing for certain Agata commented.  I definitely don't need to buy you any more presents!   Despite our frugality, our Technological lifestyles and desire to pay legitimate prices means ... a steady stream of packages for delivery to our local Swiss Post Office.

Marcus's rule:  Be happy with 1 package per day!  But on my birthday, the limits are relaxed:

Today there are 3 packages to unpack! Wahoo.

My final Wiggle parts order for the Bicycle Renovation

My Wireless Withings Heart Monitor

A replacement Hard Disk

Disk Upgrade

With the recent failure of the Apple Mac Mini hard disk I've planned a 3 step migration, upgrading the best system with a Crucial M550 disk and rippling down the displaced disks to other computers including Marcus's Lenovo and Agata's Mac Mini.

Today there was just time for the first step: Server upgrade to Crucial M550

 The original M500 disk

 I used the fantastic Lenovo U430 as a disk copying station

  I booted from Clonezilla on a USB key

A frightening number of detailed input screens finally results in a copy.

Performance is slightly improved over M500. Marcus is happy.  This Intel server reads at >400MBytes/second.  My Cromemco server reads at about 0.01MBytes/second, that is 40,000 times slower. Wow.

Marcus And some Cats

Marcus fed our neighbourhood cats.  Over 6 different kitties. Wonderful!

Marcus restored Cromix 11.11
I was sent a copy of Cromemco Cromix 11.11, a version I have never seen before.  This was created in 1982, so I am a just 32 years behind the times.  Still I got there in the end

C:\dos\IMD118>imdu 519c1111.imd 519C1111.DSK /b
IMageDisk Utility 1.18 / Mar 07 2012
IMD 1.16:  7/09/2007 11:51:38
Cromix Operating System
Copyright (c) 1982, Cromemco, Inc.
Model CROMIX-L Ser.No. CX1613118
11.11 821022
Assuming 1:1 for Binary output
 0/0 500 kbps SD  26x128
 0/1 500 kbps DD  16x512
154 tracks(77/77), 2474 sectors (1158 Compressed)

Drive (A-D) A                                                                   
Size (L, S) L                                                                   
Speed (F, S) S                                                                  
Seek Tests                                                                      
1 OK 2 OK 3 OK 4 OK 5 OK                                                        
6 OK 7 OK 8 OK 9 OK 0 OK                                                        
4CH OK 10H OK 20H OK 0 OK 1 OK                                                  
 Restore OK                                                                     
4CH OK                                                                          
Read/Write Tests                                                                
 Data Read OK                                                                   
Write Test MAY DESTROY Data                                                     
CR=Proceed ESC=Abort ^[                                                         
Preparing to boot, ESC to abort                                                 
CROMIX Operating System version 11.11                                           
Copyright (c) 1980, 1982 Cromemco, Inc.                                         
         Saturday, October 1, 1983              20:57:10                        
DATE (mm/dd/yy): 05/20/114                                                      
TIME (hh:mm:ss): 16:47                                                          

          Tuesday, May 20, 2014         16:47:00                                
Type "system", "user1", or "user2" to log in initially.                         
For information about this version of Cromix, log in as "newuser".              
Any user may access this same information by typing "help newuser"              
once logged in.                                                                 
CROMIX Operating System version 11.11                                           
Copyright (c) 1980, 1982 Cromemco, Inc.                                         
Login: system                                                                   
Logged in system May-20-19114 16:47:34 on tty1                                  
Message of the day:  welcome to the CROMIX Operating System                     
# check                                                                         
Device: /dev/root                                                               
End of dcheck                                                                   
Device: /dev/root                                                               
Blocks missing:                       0                                         
Bad free blocks:                      0                                         
Duplicate blocks in free list:        0                                         
Bad blocks:                           0                                         
Duplicate blocks:                     0                                         
Device files:                        64                                         
Ordinary files:                     179                                         
Directories:                         18                                         
Blocks used in files:             1,144                                         
Indirect blocks:                     12                                         
Free blocks:                      1,151                                         
Free inodes:                        247 

As usual it took over 2 hours to pack the contents of the Operating system into a ftar (floppy tar) file, copy it over a serial link at 9600 baud to the Virtualisation PC, unpack it, push it to our Cromemco website, and document the boot screens.  But it is done now.

Marcus toured Lausanne
Marcus walked Lausanne on a small photography tour:

 Swiss traffic jam this morning!

Lots of events this coming Saturday.  Looks like we won't get any sleep Saturday night as we love visiting Churches.

Another big Cycle race is scheduled for Saturday

 Mobile Decheterie/ Refuse collection.  Keeping things tidy.  We LIKE.

 A mobile library in a Bus!  Not sure how this works.

Do you see the modern cash register technology at the Petrol Station!

 Zoom in (click) to read the Bike decals

More local tuner/ Enthusiast cars

Agata arranged a surprise

Katy: Birthday
Agata has told me to turn up in Smart Casuals  (I'll have to Google that) at a particular place and time in Lausanne for an evening surprise!

A wonderful time !

In Summary:
If there is one day a year when you should choose to do what you want, and not what everybody else wants, it is your Birthday.

PS: A big thanks to an almost avalanche of Birthday well wishes and hugs from oh so many people.  It is really appreciated.