Thursday, May 01, 2014

Gone in 133 seconds

Gone in 60 seconds

Recently on the metro home with my wife Agata in Lausanne I watched a YouTube video.

Big mistake.

When I got home I had a polite message from Your internet quota has expired.

And hence the title of this post.

10 years ago Agata and I made a Work project together in a company where the entire factory Internet connection (for over 100 people) was a single 1 Mega bit per second.

Now in 2014  I can achieve a 60 Megabit per second download speed on my 4G mobile telephone.  And, at this rate my 1G Byte allowance can be eaten up in as little as 

133 seconds

To me, it would be a beautiful dream except for the restrictive Telecoms plans that we see here in Switzerland.   Not the case in England or Poland of course, two of our other favourite countries.

I just checked again and in Switzerland and it still seems I am still screwed.  I can't surf freely on my phone out of the house now for fear or emptying my credits ... or my wallet or both.
  • With the option Sunrise surf (CHF 7.50) you have 250 MB available for surfing with full speed within Switzerland. Try it out now; the first month is free.
  • For heavy surfers the option Sunrise surf XL (CHF 19.–) is the right one – with an inclusive volume of 1 GB with full speed within Switzerland.
  • The option will be automatically renewed when the data quantity included in the package price is used up or after 1 month at the latest.

Update: Sunrise explained their Freedom Plan. For 20CHF/ month I can have a no term contract

with 500MB/month and +1/CHF for any day an extra 1GB.
data abos

data easyflex

So en Suisse, providers can sell you a 1GB package, and Swisscom can sell you more at its usual high prices.

Perhaps in another 10 years?