Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Farewell to the Ambassador

I have now lived or travelled extensively in two countries which were once populated by only one or 2 makes of Car.

Having grown up in Mainland Europe this came as a large surprise.

On my first visit to India I was surprised to see that the

Hindustan Ambassador

was the car of choice for any Indian who could afford a car at all.  [Since all our photographs are digitised it only took me seconds to find my 30 year old photographs:]

The car was of course based on the English Morris Oxford

Similarly in Poland  the Polski Fiat was not only the car du jour, it was almost the only Car  (the other was Polonez)

Polski Fiat


Now both Poland and India have an astonishingly diverse range of official, prestige car dealers.   In Warsaw you will certainly see at least one Ferrari per day and probably a Porsche every hour.    In India meanwhile

Ironically here we see a Jaguar side by side to an Ambassador.

Farewell Ambassador, we will miss you.

Farewell Ambassador
Wikipedia Ambassador

Jalopnik Ambassador
Quartz Ambassador