Thursday, May 08, 2014

Fairwell Old Friend

This post leaves me in both a sad and sombre mood.  My second and last daily working Condor Bicycle is now fully dismantled.

After my recent accident I felt that the time is come to move on.   Actually for multiple reasons

  • Primarily safety: A number of components got crunched in this accident, and some of the others that still look okay I feel might fail catastrophically under load.

    This is not a risk I'm willing to take, even if the Insurance company decides not to pay out
  • This bicycle is now about 15 years old and whilst it has been frequently refurbished I think it has done it's time.

  • A training bicycle should not be as fast as your race bicycle, but this is really too slow!
  • Over the years I've become less flexible and so now unless I really crouch the handlebars are too far away! Now I prefer a smaller frame to reflect my reduced mobility

The overall plan is

  1. Salvage all the components that are guaranteed not broken and still in good working order
  2. At the minimum; buy a new Bicycle Frame, Front Fork and headset   (The old headset is not compatible with modern frames)

  3. Don't go crazy with new components.  They need to be tough and able to perform daily, in all weathers

  4. As usual the bicycle must try to look as ordinary as possible.  Although this is Switzerland, I'd like to be confident when I leave the bicycle locked up outside a shop, that it is likely to be there on my return

    In Marcus tradition, liberal use of black duct tape will cover up anything looking too fancy like a logo

Where to Buy From

I don't know of any bespoke retailers in Switzerland.  Given that the cost of regular name cycle  e.g. Cervelo is almost  DOUBLE that of England, i.e. for the same cycle from a dealer,  it would be insanity to buy in Switzerland.

The options from England are of course Ribble Cycles, Chain Reaction and Wiggle.   I will spend some time selecting wisely from these principle sources

And now a moments silence for Mr Blue Condor.  You have served me faithfully for 15 years.  You will not be forgotten. Your spirit and body (quite a few components) will live on in my next bicycle.