Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bicycle Assembly Part 3

This is part 3 of my bicycle re-assembly / rebuild story

Part 1 is here
Part 2 is here

So, we begin today with the latest Wiggle delivery finally arriving.  Actually it counted as one of my Birthday packages

Jockey Wheels

New fancy, light jockey wheels from Token were ordered as an extravagance.   Of course you have to order the Campagnolo specific ones.

Carbon Spacers
Just over 6cm of Carbon Spacers were inserted so that the handlebars are almost inline with the seat.  Many modern extreme setup Triathlon bicycles or race bicycles have the handlebars significantly below the seat.

Not for me. That position would be marginally more aerodynamic but would result in a back injury in due course.

Handlebar Tape

The Fizik handlebar tape is great apart from 2 problems.

- First I am terrible at mounting the tape especially when this special handlebar is full of non regular shapes and bulges.

- Second, when the tape goes from below to above the levers it crosses direction and the Fizik tape has a part that is clearly supposed to be underneath the overlap, as you wrap the tape.  The trouble is that it changes (for me) from left to right so on the first part of the taping it looks good, then above the lever the wrong part is shown. Hmm.

That rubbing sound

On a test cycle in the garage every time my feet moved past a particular place on the crank I heard a distinct rubbing sound.  Yet on a stand I did not hear it.

It seemed in the same place no matter what gear so I thought it could not be the chain.

After a lot of head scratching .... Doh!  It was my left foot just slightly rubbing on the plastic Cadence sensor wiretags, which had not been fully cut yet.     

You stupid boy

New Tyres
Tyres last a few thousand Km and mine are worn out so new Continentals Attack/ Force tyres

I am thinking of standardising on Attack/ Force tyres because
a) they still thin tyres, unlike the rest of the Industry who have moved to fatboy balloon tyres
b) They are still under 200 grams each
c) My normal Supersonics are not so much lighter and prone to puncture 

Head Expander

This is the part that lives in the top of the headset and allows for initial tensioning of the headset bearing. Arrived and fitted.

Cabling Off
Now that cable lengths are finally determined I can cut the cables to exact length and bind the ends with Cable End Caps

Just under 30Km cycled this Wednesday morning as a test. Nothing fell off!  

On this evenings ride it because clear the rear Derailleur needs more adjustment.  Marcus excuse ... early cable stretch!

Final Pictures

Well final-ish,  I am so proud I'll publish a full road test soon.

Fizik Tape
Jockey Wheels
Continental Attack Tyres
Cable End Caps
Hope Head Doctor Expander