Sunday, April 20, 2014

Youth Culture, Setups, And Feeling Anxious

Brownlee 2014 Setup Tour 

I understand from some young friends, I mean people under the age of 20 (!!) that /the kids/ don't watch programmed TV anymore, they just cruise YouTube.

So in the last month I've been giving it a go, maybe I can

/get down with the kids too/

First and from the title I was shocked to find out that I have something called a Setup.

A Setup seems to be some sort of Intensively organised and extreme Computer system.  For kids it is in their bedroom and for me I get to have it in the study. And as the above 2 hour plus Video above shows, it seems to be quite popular with the nerdy, teen, gamer/ computer geek groupset.

I am a bit anxious to find myself slotting into this demographic!

Overall though I'm finding the combination of

a) Feedly RSS Reader
b) Hugely Subscription Channel populated YouTube or others like Vimeo

How to Make a Sick Mountain Bike Edit from on Vimeo.

can fill up my daily reading and video requirements instead of watching the TV or reading a book.
The state of 4K

 I'm even using YouTube in my 4K video testing.   When I have that perfected.  I'll of course post.