Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Sermon:Pleasure is Good and Enforced Pain is Bad

It is supposed to be short sighted and not the done thing to be resentful of the past.

So I try to put behind the recent Cycling accident on April 10, 2014   which left my ribs in so much pain that on lying down I was actually screaming out loud with the pain.

Instead then,  I am told to look on the positive side which is that today, Sunday April 27th, the pain is somewhat reduced.    Certainly I am still on a self medicated cocktail of painkillers  (Ibuprofen is my favourite) and my body is training itself to move from one position to another via pain free, con-torsional motions.   

In the last 3 months you see a sharp dip post accident as running moved from pleasure to torture.

But all in all.  I am certainly somewhat better. Although I did have a small debate with a devout /Christian/

The Religious Angle

  • Marcus:Why did God Allow the accident? 
  • Christian:It's not for us to know Gods Will
  • Marcus:I am getting better quickly  
  • Christian:Yes, God is speeding your recovery
  • Christian: And thank God, that your ribs are not broken
  • Marcus: I think it is the drugs, Positive Mental Attitude and careful movements have speeded my recovery
  • Christian: And God provided you with these things
  • Marcus: Well actually the Pharmacy and Googling the Internet provided me
  • Christian: But God created people with skills to create the Pharmacy and Google
  • Marcus: So God is to be given credit for all the Good things and not discredited for my accident? 

My Preference, to any Gods Listening, for the Future

  • No accident
  • I can use my time to reach a higher level of fitness, alertness, competence,  instead of trying hard just to get back to my previous level.
I am of the strong view that I do not need a Supreme being (God) to arrange or allow pointless setbacks to occur, so that on recovery I might feel somehow grateful. For Marcus: suffering is not redemptive.

The best I can do right now to cheer myself up is playing some of my favourite uplifting music. To my knowledge not inspired by, guided by, or written by or in praise of any God.

Clean Bandit: Extraordinary

Faul: Changes

Pharrell Williams: Happy
Lausanne: Happy

Piano Guys: Paradise

Having watched these videos I feel even better now.

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