Sunday, April 06, 2014

Sunday Sermon: Religious Video

I would contend that if you find yourself humming along and enjoying the video Tomorrow belongs to me you are tacitly condoning the thoughts and aspirations of the context portrait in this video.

For those who need educating please watch Cabaret

And so likewise I was delighted to listen and watch the Newsboys video God's not Dead.  I choose my words carefully.

It certainly is a cracking tune and it is an underpinning song to the forthcoming movie of the same name

I then thought but well, let us have a small contest. Between religion and everybody else.

Clearly it is not a fair fight.  

I mean on the one hand you have the Christian band Newsboys who are getting direct assistance and strength from GOD.

And on the other hand Marcus just picked, almost at random 2 of my videos from my current dance music playlist.  The adult themes outlined in these videos are directly in opposition to a Christian theme.

But let's raise the bar further, these would be counter to either an Islamic or Christian theme.

Zedd:Stay the Night

Route 94: My Love

So I politely invite you into an experiment:  watch all three videos, and tell me.  Who wins your heart, body and soul?