Monday, April 28, 2014

Stupidity and Samsung Gear [.*]it

First there was Apple on it's glue everything, don't upgrade just buy again mentality.

But then I noticed that  the implementation of a potentially revolutionary and useful Health and Quantitative Self fitness tracker by Samsung has gone hopelessly wrong.

Not the Samsung fit but possibly the unfit:

Samsung Gear fit in theory

and in practice:
DC rainmaker: Samsung fit

Gizmodo:Samsung Gear Fit

And now Samsung again: Because the Smartphone market really needs another new Operating System and meagre software offerings.

Wikipedia: Tizen

What is Tizen?

Tizen Blog

Basic Mobile OS Comparison Chart

One thing to be sure.  The folks at Apple just can't believe their luck.  Just when it looked like they were running out of innovation and <reluctantly> handing over the crown of new ideas to Uncle Sammy, it looks like

the competition is in self destruct mode.

Finally  whilst I am always extremely critical of Aunty Apple it's normally because of their intensely smug and haughty attitude, but boy they don't make a mess of things on the phenominal scale that Samsung is doing.